New Bigfoot Sightings In Texas

From Bigfoot in Alice, Texas?

Bigfoot, otherwise known as Sasquatch, has been a topic of discussion for more than 400 years. Sightings of the elusive creature have reached the thousands, and many of those reports have come from Texas in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The myth is still making news today. Now tales that a large hairy creature is roaming the South Texas brush area, frightening unsuspecting visitors in Alice, Texas.

For the last several years, residents in this small town off Highway 44, say they've been hearing strange sounds coming from the brush area on the 247 acres of Lake Findley.

The Alice Police Department has patrolled the lake area but have come up empty-handed. After hearing rumors of the beast in the Jim Wells County area, South Texas Bigfoot investigator Gabriel Guerrero came to investigate the lake.

“I started the South Texas Bigfoot Investigations to bring the Bigfoot/Sasquatch subject to light. Also, to help Bigfoot witnesses cope with their sighting or event. We are not crazy, there is just crazy stuff out there. We know that something has been through here in the past couple of months," said Guerrero.

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