Bigfoot Reports From Lake Ellen in Ferry County Washington

Grassman58 shares some bigfoot reports from Lake Ellen in Washington:

Update: In one of the reports you will hear about a group of campers seeing a large figure in their camp and finding tracks and feces the next day. I mixed up two different reports. The report is as follows: Two different set of campers had very close stories. First group camping on the rock face saw something large moving in their camp and found large tracks the next morning. The second group camping just last year was the ones who found large tracks leading from their camp and as they followed them they then found very large human looking feces but much larger then what a person would have passed. So sorry for the screw up. There are so many stories from this lake I couldn't put them all into this video. Reports are still coming in from this spot every couple of weeks.


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  2. Rhonda: No I am NOT hauling that telescope up there on my back. You carry it!

    Scott: So, you'll carry the battery packs then?

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  3. A thought. Unless their camp was the size of Woodstock wouldn't being "in their camp" mean he was right there? Maybe sitting on a cooler or poking the fire with a stick or something?


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