Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [8-28-2016]

Watch: The most over-used sound effect on a reality series

Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:
Watch: Life as an airline pilot

Watch: Audience member kills it on the mic

Watch: Air raid siren goes off during broadcast

Watch: The hypnocube


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    1. Clive is a very wise and witty person!!!

      Iktomi an TK ,,,,Not at all

      AC collins

    2. Aaah Heck.!!!

      Ac collins .:-(

    3. Ass Crack, does the stain in your underwear match the color of your skin? Telling!

  2. Ok, legitimate question here. I know this will sound made up but if see the video and then you'll know its for real.

    That is, *if* I'm allowed to post it.

    You see, I got footage of an adult bigfoot just standing there with his arms folded. He is visible from his feet to the top of his head

    But... his enormous penis is visible.

    No. Really.

    So the first question is, can I post that to YouTube?

    And the second question is, can I mention his johnson in the video title?

    I would like to use "Adult Sasquatch Footage with Huge Visible Penis!" or something relatively sensational like that.

    Any advice appreciated. This is not a joke.

    1. Just say ,Bigfoot "CAULK"!
      an you'll be rite Mate


    2. ^ wanker fake Joe is off his meds


    3. LOL @ AHW, If Troll Killer can get away with, "HOW TO BLOW A BURRO IN TIJUANA"..
      I don't think you have much to worrie about my friend!

      AC collins.

    4. Ok well here ya go:

      Now *that* is some lumber!

    5. Yeah... I'm gonna need a red circle to see "IT". A phrase many here have heard regularly.

    6. The Natives of South America embraced the Nephilim Gods like no-other. The engaged in Blood ritual , like no-other. The people of that region have a curse on them for doing so. It shows in the fog of the mind and total depravity that arises out of those countries. Look at the G-13 tattoos and total blood lust in the Mexican Cartels. BLOOD LUST flows in certain veins! Evil Dominates the landscape and rules!

    7. Waiting on Zombies------ look south!

      They Been here!

    8. I took some very similar photos, of me,I'm posting them on twitter ,vote Hillary


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