This Is What You Need To Hunt For Bigfoot

Bigfoot investigator Sooner Sasquatch on youtube gives us a look at some of the equipment he packs into the field when he's out looking for bigfoot.


  1. It seems that with all of the people who have been looking for bigfoot for over 60 years that someone would have proved their existence by now.

    I'm calling BS on bigfoot.

    1. ^ Why not get out there into the woods yourself and find out for yourself - instead of relying on others to do it - you may even have fun.

    2. Nobody cares what you call.

      Existence is something you figure out for yourself. What you subsequently believe is of no consequence to anyone unless you bring evidence to light.

      Your declaration means nothing.

    3. This is a blog with readers posting opinions. His is no more valuable than any other, although it's probably correct.

    4. There aren't all these researchers looking 4:14...seriously, WHO?? Look how many BS researchers i've called out in the last 6 months, bout every one em!

      No one dedicates their time to proving this, and that what it takes.

    5. DS, you would think with all your great evidence you should be convincing many more people. Why isn't that the case?

    6. You mean a blue plastic bag doesn't prove that sasquatches exist?

    7. You'd think that in 60 years of evidence being presented by amateur researchers, there'd be a consorted effort on the part of mainstream scientists to investigate it.

      The anon wants evidence, but it's an education in psychological issues to watch how rhetorical he is once it's presented.

    8. 6:39, I would say a few reasons.
      1) I banned all the trolls
      2) Not very many people are seeking Bigfoot.
      3) The world has been conditioned to think maybe a couple Bigfoot, but certainly not Thousands, plus Dogmen, Catmen, etc.
      4) People aren't interested in the facts: Blue bags, tree breaks, hair, scat, footprints, tree carvings.
      5) Bigfoot seems steeped in ambiguity! People would rather see a guy in a costume, than a creepy pic i took in the woods.
      6) Most shy away from me because i'm on the verge of proving this entire thing, and people will carryon with their lives once this is more $$ for these BS researchers at these conventions, no more selling nick-necks, it's over, done, this site shuts down, no more traffic/hits.
      7) I believe the fact that i say i'm a Christian has a lot to do with it too.

    9. Dr squatch ,with all due respect, this blogs popularity would skyrocket if sasquatchs existance was confirmed.
      AC collins

    10. With all due respect, i disagree.

      No way of really telling, until it's fully proven.

    11. AC, when evidence is really posted here, it gets like 10 hits......Put up something ambiguous, gets over a hundred hits!

  2. When you fail at finding bigfoot as a career, I suppose a video about finding bigfoot gear is a viable alternative. Just kidding! 7-11 is hiring mofo. You have as much of a chance of finding sasquatch in the beef jerky isle { get it?} as your local woods. Another lame ass attempt to turn this crap into a fortune. Ain't happening today, ain't happening tomorrow...


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