The Search For China's Bigfoot

From the Crypo Blast: In Search of China’s Bigfoot

Around 5 a.m. when 29-year-old Chen Liansheng, at the time the deputy director of the Shennongjia party office, was startled awake by a shout from the driver: “There’s something up ahead!”

Food was scarce in Shennongjia at the time. If the group had stumbled upon a wild sheep or goat, it would present a rare chance to fill the stomachs of several households. But as Chen stared through his bleary eyes at the animal standing in the car’s headlights, he realized something wasn’t right. This was no sheep; it was the same height as a tall human and walked on its hind legs.

Buoyed by their advantage in numbers, Chen and the other three passengers in the back jumped out of the vehicle to surround the animal in the hope of capturing it. As the group came close, Chen saw that the animal’s body was covered in red fur. Frightened, the animal grasped at the branches hanging over the track to pull itself up and on to the slope beside the track, but failed and fell down into shrubbery before running off.

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    1. How could they see bigfoot? Their eyes are shut.


    2. Mkb Say's, iktomi is a fat little pig!!

    3. ..Hi Iktomi..Some recent(possible) dermal ridges for ya:
      ...The better prints are the best evidence, so one would think they would be carefully cataloged somewhere. However, like the anecdotes
      they are all over the map(except for a few classics in both cases..) The evidence is really poorly organized..When I first got into this i expected to find(somewhere) a portfolio of the best evidence..Nada..

    4. This is just it my friend... There is nothing of the best evidence that is compiled somewhere for people to reference. Not even on Meldrum's online journal, which totally baffles me. To me, there is no wonder people aren't at least aware of it.

      Thanks for the link.

    5. Fake Joe @ 4:29 is revealing his nasty side. Go way wanker !


  2. I've never been a member of a carpool that stopped to pick up road kill.


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