Bigfoot Rock Throwing Caught On Camera

This video comes to us from the BIGFoot Sasse youtube channel.

Again the first video is slow motion second normal. Please pay attention to where I focus and zoom in on, they are hiding behind the trees.(left and right sides) At 0:11, they throw a stone which you can clearly see being thrown, it will pass the thick tree in cnt of screen at 0:11 seconds, from left to right. They do so to distract me.


  1. MKB Say's iktomi is a fat little pig.

  2. Bottles of Canadian Fresh Air a Hot Sale in China.....
    THE NEW NORM ...

  3. #1 In Bigfoot Crapturd research-(Not really a Dr )SquatchTuesday, August 30, 2016 at 2:45:00 PM PDT

    This is good evidence, I should know since I'm # 1

  4. I just found a Lego car in my b-hole. Must have been up there since I was a kid.


    1. does it still have the little man in it driving?

    2. No- fake Joe can fit a life size Gi Joe doll. And he's parked a full size tank in that cavernous hole as well.


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