Bigfoot Responds To Man With Whistling

Is this bigfoot repeating this man's whistles in the woods? Some believe one of the ways sasquatch communicate is through whistling.


  1. Lol, yeah right. Pure fiction.

  2. There is a new guy with a channel that features 8 hours of static which has been interpreted as bigfoot voices and assigned all sorts of meaning right down to syntax.

    The guy has literally figured out how to get people to listen to 8 hours of static. He has lots of charts with circles and arrows and audio spectrums and lots of bells and... whistles.

    1. Anyone fancy my bell end and butt whistle?


    2. Nobody has the foggiest idea what you are hallucinating about fake Joe.

    3. But then again 5:23,the mental picture 3:05 is trying to paint is sorta amusing!#

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  4. No,no,no.. You got it backwards. The payment of the HOSTAGE'S was contingent on release of $400 million.


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