Bigfoot Attacks Hiker For No Reason

From Sasquatch Chronicles:

A listener writes “I was hiking up this trail with a couple of friends. I had a hiking pack on my back and my friends had gotten ahead of me on the trail so I decided to take a break, drink some water and then catch up with my friends. I heard some movement in the bushes below me and I did not really think much of it. I unsnapped my hiking pack from around my waist.I heard it rush towards me and as I started to turn to look at what I assumed was a bear…the next thing I know, I’m in the air and hitting a tree….I am now on my belly. I was confused and when I lifted my head up, all I saw was hairy legs and huge feet. This thing was standing over me and than it screamed/roared at me. I thought I was going to die. I tried to look up at it and it screamed/roared at me again.I noticed the creature was breathing heavy and rocking from side to side. I heard the bushes below me rustle and the creature was focused on the noise….that’s when I looked up and saw it’s face….I….I am not sure what these things are but it was strange” The witness also says “I never thought Sasquatch was real, I always put it in the same category as leprechauns and unicorns. A lot changed that day….”


  1. Then I saw it's face;
    now I'm a believer.
    Not a trace,
    of doubt in my mind.

  2. Territory invaded by such strangers Don't need more reasons when you talk about wild animal territory.

    1. And yet they are so elusive and avoid being detected. Odd.

    2. Flat out lie, no one was attacked!

      Funny how these hikers seem to get attacked while on the path, and i'm off the path, in their territory looking for them!!

      411 is also all lies!

    3. Now you hate Paulides too...damn doc so much hate maybe you should talk to someone about that

  3. Assuming the hikers were of the sandal wearing, granola eating variety, I'd be shocked if they weren't attacked. By Bigfoot. Cub Scouts. Wood Peckers. Poison Ivy. There is no shortage of suspects that want these vermin eradicated.


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