Bigfoot and Boy Caught on Camera

Did a man capture the image of a bigfoot and a boy in Florida? Check this out:

Mike Hursh caught a Bigfoot or Sasquatch on camera while filming a rocket launch that was canceled. He took the picture of a skunk ape or Bigfoot in Florida while practicing with his new camera. It seems like a Bigfoot and Mike thought a boy but I saw more than that in this image. Let me know what you see. Bigfoot with other Bigfoot or a boy and something in the background too.


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    1. Iktomi in some Native American languages means "one who is fooled by Khat Hansen".

    2. A BFE Troll in most cultures is understood to mean "he who fools himself".

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    5. Oh yeah, I'm the one posting from the magic Air Force base, right Iktomi????

    6. "And you very frequently pretended to be multiple posters"

      Anonymous posters are your own personal scapegoat. Every wrong committed by one automatically transfers culpability to all.

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      1:55!! Right on cue!! How many on the magic airforce base today? Ha ha ha!!

    9. Why only the one image? Where are the series of images taken? Or are there none?

      Shame - as it would help with credence and validity.

    10. Am i supposed to be Guerilla Joe/anon ?
      funniest thing i've heard all day. i am creasing !
      Tell ya what mate, Iktomi is a different person than i am so perhaps you should try a different approach. Til then enjoy Iktomi constantly schooling you on here. Welcome back school child !
      How was your summer vacation ?
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    11. Anon 1:55, you are wrong. Hi Iktomi, Tim,U.K.


    I have a stuccoed bathroom. A random pattern of swirls and organic shapes (nature generally doesn't produce straight lines or right angles, especially relating to plants and animals)

    It takes me under a minute to spot several clear faces in the swirls. Humans have evolved face to face. From day1, we look at mom and memorize her face. Then we proceed to memorize the faces of relatives and friends and so on..... Think about it, unless the thing moves pictures of faces in the woods are proof of PAREIDOLIA, nothing else !

    1. Well then you should be able to go in the woods and gets pics right??
      DEAD WRONG!! Never happen!!!

    2. 1:31 is constipated and bored and needs to eat more prunes.

  3. He DS, wrong! I'm a guide in Sedona AZ and there are dozens of faces in the rock!!!!

  4. Uh, who wrote the article. What is it trying to say?


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