Bigfoot Witness Describes The Skin As Being Charcoal Gray

From Sasquatch Chronicles: 

I will be speaking to three witnesses, the first witness writes “On April 3, 2016 my daughters 27 year old friend of 15 years & I were leaving Fair Grove MO around 9:30 p.m. heading south on Hwy 65 to Springfield MO. 4 miles south of Fair Grove around mile marker 60 on the west side of the Highway in the drop of the side of the road something came into the sight of my headlights. At that time I drove a 1999 Grand Marquis. What we saw next was huge. It was facing away from the road toward the ridge. It’s head was looking down. We saw huge shoulders about 4 to 5 feet wide. It’s right arm was as big as a man’s thigh, a well built man. It’s waist went in like it’s shoulders were the top of a V and the waist a solid bottom of a V. It probably weighed about 800 lbs. I would say. It’s skin was charcoal gray and it had scarce hair a tan to auburn color, like it had mange or something. I said to Tina “What is that?” she said “I don’t know but it is huge.” We repeated that to each other about 3 times. Then I asked “Should we stop?” She said “No, I’m going to pee myself.” I asked “Should we turn around and go back?” She said “No really I’m going to pee myself.” I then told her to call my father who lives in Fair Grove and we were telling him about it.” I had the opportunity to speak to the witnesses father and he shared with me his own encounter when he was younger and has agreed to come on the show.


  1. went fishing a couple of months ago and caught a 31/2 ft. Alligator gar ! It was VERY primitive looking and UGLY too. When I got in on the bank I shot it in the head three times with a 22 cal. pistol before it would die !

    It's just me,

    1. Awe come on now Ricky!!
      we all talk a lil,BS, here and there!.
      Its all good Holmes!

  2. Man oh man Joerg took a whooping today. He will stay away for a while in order to lick his wounds. What a beating it was! He got blown the f@ck out! I mean seriously blown the f#ck out!!!!!!!!!

    1. I like how the person who claims a modern sub-Saharin African is a bigfoot called someone else a racist.

  3. When you say Joerg surely your referring to D*ckMaker he had his arse handed to him in a sling...AGAIN!!
    Bunch of Twats.


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