Something Strange Discovered In Florida Swamp

The Trail To Bigfoot team find a strange looking stick formation they believe was caused by a bigfoot. They find other strange things in the same area. Were they able to capture any video of the culprit?


  1. "Were they able to capture any video of the culprit?"


  2. The IMAX video clip was proven to be a Bigfoot with a baby on it's back folks. So suck it skeptics !

    1. I saw that too. Finally we have vindication.

    2. You're right. The existence of Bigfoot has now been proven. I guess everyone can go home now. No need for anymore Bigfoot blogs, Bigfoot TV shows, or Bigfoot stories.

      Y'all can go home and get real jobs.

    3. These guys think differently:

      I think they are saying suck it right back.


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