Ohio Bigfoot Hunter Gets Debunked By Another Bigfoot Investigator

From the youtube channel of the Squatch Master:

I took an objective approach to this investigation because I wanted to get it absolutely correct. What the researcher heard that night while sitting alone was in fact beavers behind the pine trees. The evidence of what it was is right there. This is why a good follow-up investigation and knowing the wildlife in the area is a must before any of us can jump to a conclusion.


  1. But what does Dr squat think about it?

  2. Ah yes most 'footers seriously believe there is nothing else in the woods; but squirrels bark , rabbits can scream like banshees, coyotes can chatter like samurai, raccoons can growl like bears, opossums make ungodly noises, foxes cry like babies , deer can snort and sound like Death is coming for you, hogs crashing through the bush make you certain that an elephant is charging, armadillos make real weird noises and are noisy as hell scuffling through the leaves. My favorite is all the four footed wood walkers that you would swear are bipedal . Rule all those out before you even think a squatch is around.

  3. now thats funny right there. straight up bustin stovers balls. Ha! strictly speakin from one fraud to another

  4. squatchmaster is a known hoaxer. His videos are garbage and for him to call someone else out is hilarious. This guy wouldn't know Bigfoot if it came up and bent him over a tree stump!

  5. Jeff Patterson has no room to debunk anything. He's a liar and five time proven hoxer.


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