Bigfoot Team Captures Footage Of Another Bigfoot Team

The Tracking Sasquatches Team caught footage of two, bipedal hominids on their trail camera. Unfortunately the hominids were easily identified. In fact it was the Trail To Bigfoot research team.


  1. What percentage of "bigfoot" calls are just another group of bigfoot "researchers" bellowing back from the next ridge over?

    I'm thinking 100%.

    1. And I'm thinking you're a complete and total idiot for writing that comment.

      Get back in your straight jacket.

    2. When finding BF was in gladwin mi some locals knew their whereabouts and did precisely that


    3. 2:43 simply a dumb comment.

    4. Somebody's butthurt (cough 2:43 cough).

    5. I love mad footers. They know they have nothing but childish insults.

    6. Dude I love it; you know footers are responding to one another's wood knocks, squatch calls, and probably misidentifying each other's footprings.

      Just Kidding! We know what REALLY HAPPENS:

      The 'foots use their mind powers to "cloak" themselves in a sort of mirage that makes them appear like a group of drunk, over-weight, under-educated goons (aka footes) so that other footers don't catch on to them.

      They are deviously clever creatures!

  2. Bigfoot is a social phenomenon.


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