Video Bigfoot Hunt At The Historic Salt Fork State Park

Ohio bigfoot hunter Tim Stover takes us along for the ride during a night time investigation of the famous Salt Fork State Park in Ohio. Armchair bigfoot research at its finest.


  1. Replies
    1. have nothing to validate their belief...but carry on just the same with the ruse.

    2. not to mention they most likely have the IQ of a common house fly

    3. Bigfoot likely is real - get over it mr loser !

    4. and you likely are 34 in your mama's basement with pizza roll sauce on your face and shirt waiting for her to bring you another mountain dew..idiot

  2. t's creepy how the ISF'ers hang out here all day and night suckling on the teats of Joe and DWA. The ISF'ers must be desperate and lonely losers.

    1. Yes you`re right but now you`re here we won`t be lonely any more...and we can dream of sucking.


    2. ^
      Hi William Parcher. Holed up in mommy's basement pounding out posts while surrounded by Bigfoot props again ? Although you're like 50.


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