Is This The Hand Of Bigfoot?

Over the years various items have been found and presented as possible bigfoot body parts. The famous yeti scalp, a finger, a hand, a foot here and there. Now we have this strange looking item from Idaho. 

So, any ideas? Is this possibly the severed hand of a bigfoot? It's freaky, whatever it is.


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    1. ^ of course it is fake Joe. They always warned you to stop or you'll get hairy hands and you never listened


  2. You can't tell the scale in the photo. The "hand" is actually much smaller than a "bigfoot hand." This is a severed paw from the rare snake river beaver subspecies.

    1. ^ i`m pretty tired of these so called bigfoot body parts doing the rounds - all that needs to be done to find out what it is ,is to show the part to a specialist - therefore it can only be deliberate manipulation ... or in laymans terms ,bollox.

    2. Some will do anything to keep the Bigfoot dream alive including knowingly manipulating so-called evidence in favor of Bigfoot's existence. We see it time and time again.

  3. Now I have never been one to start yelling bigfoot when I see shit in the woods like so many people do. Rather than claiming "old news" or "its a beaver", how about providing proof of the claim?

  4. That is one hairy beaver.......paw.

  5. It's the hand of an Ohio grassman or women


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