Dogmen Made This Top 10 List Of Creepy Paranormal Mysteries

There's some things in this world that are just beyond explanation. Are they even real? Nobody knows for sure except the people that witness them. This is a top 10 list of the most creepy modern paranormal mysteries. Dogmen made the list, but what else? Check it out:


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    1. To you too mate. Along with stonereader. I'll sit here and await for the idiot who thinks we're all the same person.

      Meanwhile, I'm thinking of booking a holiday. Somewhere warm.

    2. joe, joerg, lktomi, stonereader 1, richard 1, zabo, abholi falla, tim u.k., gerald

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha!! The village idiot, right on cue!

    4. seeing joe talk to himself under various accounts never gets old

    5. Seeing how delusional and how much you think the world revolves around Joe one blog, is desperately saddening as much as it's creepy.

      HEY VEGAS!!

    6. Ahh yes, another "Joe" account, the definition of being insecure is 10:31 (as per usual).

      Heard on Sasquatch Cronicles that there was another reported Bigfoot smelling, interesting stuff.

    7. ^ As per usual VegastheLog needs to bolster his own insecurity by posting meaningless comments...what a jerk.

      That bigfoot "smelling" would be your nose too near your anus.

    8. 5;22

      Hey...Richard 1 ...go back to your spot under the car park please.

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    1. Joe telling himself "hi". Classic, lol. Kinda like him telling himself he had nice hair AHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    2. Those couple of weeks where D. Dover and myself exposed you for your multiple accounts and psychotic behaviour must have torn you to pieces inside.

      Still... You've got your "fellow trolls" to rally around, right?


    3. ^ Stupid boy fooling only himself.

      He`s had way too much Christmas plonk...that`s both too much drink and plonker...but it was the other man`s plonker he enjoyed mostly.

    4. Hahahaha...Joetomi has seriously lost his head on this blog today...he`s mightily upset.

      Hahahahahahahahaha ... the posters have ruined his day.

      Hahahahahahahahah Ahahahahah AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


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