Pennsylvania Bigfoot Group Finds Strange Rock Formations And Turnips?

You run across all sorts of strange things when out searching the woods for bigfoot. For instance, in the Pennsylvania Sasquatch Association's recent Christmas episode of the Sasquatch Diaries, they find some strange rock formations, coyote poop, and turnips. What the heck are turnips doing out in the woods?


  1. Strange rock formation... definitely an imaginary being.

  2. What else could it be? It has to be Bigfoot. What a load of dog turds. Only a brainless moron would believe in Bigfoot. Hint hint. ( Itkomi/Joe). Still holding on to a hoax 50 years ago. Why doesn't Itkomi go and get proof himself if he's such an expert. It should be easy for him.

  3. Rocks, turds could be anything. These guys are a joke, go out once a year to the same spot. And the pa game commission plant those. And they are sugar beets, not turnips. Dont waste your time on this group, a lot of better and more active ones in Pa.


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