Hunters Use Blinds, So How About Bigfoot?

From the Frosted Forest Sasquatch youtube channel:

I found these things while walking a trail in one of the active areas. It looks like they were constructed to be blinds or some kind of hiding places. Possibly for the young ones?


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    1. ...with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for poo!

    2. Hunters use blinds, do Unicorns?

    3. ^ call a spade a spade fer chris`s sake ... the word we need to use is s h i t ...but note that several words cause a "whiting-out" effect of a post ... which ironically is a shite idea and an extremely ineffective means of what I imagine is the site owners idea of "control"... all his "censorship" achieves is a lot of frustrated visitors to the site that may have used a word deemed by Shawn (is that his name ?) to be offensive .. there are some simple and inoffensive everyday words that cause this ludicrous white-out attempt at censorship to come in to operation ( Oh,this is a family site,I`ll have you know )..this "censorship" of offensive words is so useless that a simple highlight with your mouse brings the very post into view...the whole idea is pathetic...but I guess it suits many posters here as they too are pathetic..take JoeTomi for example...nuff said.

  2. Is Dmaker still proclaiming to be Alaskabushpilot's special lady ? Won't the other ISF fruitcakes like William Parcher be jealous ?


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  4. Short answer to the above question, NO!


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