On Site Investigation Of Children's Camp Where Scary Bigfoot Encounter Took Place

From Bigfooter Blayne Tyler:

An on site investigation of multiple class A and B encounters at a campground mainly used as a kids summer camp in N/E Ontario (1990's - present). Sasquatch seem to be drawn to where ever there is children activity. Also included are stills I took of a baboon looking juvie caught between scrub cover during a follow up in the general area.

Note: Picture of Bigfoot juvie was taken with a cell phone cam. It might be hard to see so I added some contrast to help counter their fade out camouflage ability.

Watch: Click Here For Video


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    1. Kids got caught in a circle jerk. Blame it on Bigfoot. Monster turd!!!!

  2. Do you think that female Bigfoot shaves her butthole and maybe even bleaches it? It would get pretty s hitty round the turd cutter if she didn't.


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