New Game App "Bigfoot Hunter" Could Help You Get A Photo Of The Elusive Creature

One of the most frustrating things about bigfooting is all the blurry photos and video. Bigfoot is fast, you're in the elements, cameras can be complicated things to master. All these reasons, and more, make it extremely difficult to capture one of these creatures on film. But this new game app could increase your chances. "Bigfoot Hunter" is a straight forward game. If you can master it, you may be the one to capture that perfect image of bigfoot in real life.

Among the many, many, many games that came out this week, one that popped up in our forums and had me all excited was Bigfoot Hunter from developer The Tap Lab and publisher R2 Games. If you're familiar with the N64 classic Pokemon Snap, Bigfoot Hunter is along the same lines as you travel to exotic locations around the world trying to capture the best snapshot of the elusive creature known as Bigfoot (and his wacky siblings) using your iOS device like a camera. Here's a brand new trailer giving you the gist of Bigfoot Hunter.

Pretty cool, right? The only problem? Bigfoot Hunter didn't actually launch in the US yesterday, it soft-launched in select countries like New Zealand, Canada, Australia and perhaps more. But not the US. Womp womp. There is good news however, and that is that Bigfoot Hunter won't remain in this limited launch long, and is planned for release in the US next week on November 5th. We've played in-progress versions of Bigfoot Hunter at various conferences this past year, and it really is very neat. So if you're not in the US you might want to take a peek to see if Bigfoot Hunter is launched in your region, but if you're stuck in the US like me then look for the full release of Bigfoot Hunter next week.
Source: Touch Arcade


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