This guy is so close to the Klll Site, but he doesn't know it

There's a couple of ways to get to the Kill Site, but we only know of one way -- and that's driving through Sierraville. It's an interesting town. It's very small, and there's only one bar and one general store you can go to. If you got time this summer, you should visit the place before it starts snowing. Our favorite YouTuber AngelOfThyNight was recently there and gave us a great tour of their cemetery.


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    1. i know it is because it says so on the internet

  2. OK, I need you JREF/ISF footers to knuckle down and concentrate on this question. This goes back to footers like you pretending to be skeptics.

    Only an imbecile would believe that all of Alaskabushpilot's life stories are true and that his long winded, half baked theories on the mindset of people who believe in Bigfoot are not just psychological projections of his own mental illness.

    With that said, he has also admitted on JREF/ISF that he has posted on the BFF as a believer for "fun". How do you know he's not just a believer yanking your chains like you do to yourselves ?

    1. you seem to have quite the crush on this chap, with your constant pasting of the same comments/questions daily. and also months i'm guess you really want to ride up his leg and pilot your way through his bush looking for the alaskan pink helmet monster....

    2. ^
      One of J Randi's gay little soldiers pretending to be a Bigfoot skeptic.

  3. can anyone name 5 honest researchers? didn't think so

    1. John Bindernagle
      Jeff Meldrum
      Ron Morehead
      Scott Nelson
      Henner Fahrenbach
      Henry Franzoni

      ... There's six and I could go on all day. Why I bothered I don't know... You don't know who the heck they are anyway. I would suggest you check them out and learn something though.

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    1. I swear to hell's half acre If I hafta see that smug little poop in jar guys face again !!!!!, Why I'll SMASH MY LEFT TESTICAL ON A ANVIL with a 3lb Sledge hammer!!


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