Georgia Man Finds Possible Bigfoot Kill

When you see a dead animal next to a set of gigantic tracks, would you think it's Bigfoot? Legends Beware got video evidence of what he believes to be a Bigfoot Kill.


  1. Replies
    1. I think 9.04 was being sarcastic?

    2. I think 9:32 listens to Slipknot !

    3. Who you calling a maggot? Wiseguy eh? Why I oughtha . . . .

    4. 9:32 is a mildly retarded person with a touch of the clap

    5. ^ Sounds like Joe,though he has the clap in his anus.

  2. Just another example of something natural and mundane being explained as connected with Bigfoot. In this case a discarded dressed deer with natural wildlife scavenging the remains and some obscure markings in the mud. "Evidence" such as this does not help your argument advocates.

    1. I didn't hear they guy say anything about bigfoot. Is the write-up sensationalized?

    2. The one who posted the video on YouTube (LegendsBeware) makes the claim.

    3. That is Day 2, watch days 1 and 3:
      Day 1 -
      Day 3 -

  3. Oh Brother! Just another misidentification of animals tracks around a decaying carcass, happens all the time, all over the place. But if you a 'Bigfoot Researcher' you really want it to be a Bigfoot.
    When are you people going to realize that bigfoots do not eat meat!
    When are you 'bigfoot researchers' going to learn how to read animal sign and animal sounds. Nothing is worst for this type of Research, then a "City Bred" walking in the woods, looking for Bigfoot sign.
    Also, 'Bigfoot Researchers' that are so desperate to prove they exist, and they will be the one to prove it. It's every "Bigfoot Researchers dream!


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