Brothers Terrified By Bigfoot Outside Bedroom Window [Southern Bigfoot Tales]

Jim King, known by his friends as "Bear", had his first bigfoot sighting in 1966. Not knowing what it was at the time, it wasn't until 1972 that he became aware of "bigfoot" and has been studying the subject ever since. He's had numerous "booger" sightings as he calls them, and has enough stories to fill a book.

You can also listen to his Bigfoot Outlaws podcast at


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    1. Anonymous 12:59... You have sh it for brains and If I wanted to hear from an ass-hole I would have farted. Enough with the turd remarks.

      Anonymous 2:55....great response!

  2. Yet another in a long line of entirely unsubstantiated bigfoot stories.

  3. Biggest liars since Sasquatched Chronicles. They just make shit up and stutter around then giggle with each other.


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