Bigfoot isn't the only animal that can whistle, listen to this animal

The hoary marmot is also called whistler from its shrill warning call. It is found in Siberia and from Alaska S to Idaho. A colonial animal, it lives in mountains above the timberline. Some tourists discovered what these critters sound like and it was unexpected.


  1. OK, I need you JREF/ISF footers to knuckle down and concentrate on this question. This goes back to footers like you pretending to be skeptics.

    Only an imbecile would believe that all of Alaskabushpilot's life stories are true and that his long winded half baked theories on the mindset of people who believe in Bigfoot are not just psychological projections of his own mental illness.

    With that said, he has also admitted on JREF/ISF that he has posted on the BFF as a believer for "fun". How do you know he's not just a believer yanking your chains like you do to yourselves ?

  2. It`s oft postsulated that Joe can "whistle" through his rise to myriad reports of odd creatures in his home town.

    1. such as the alarming number of mutated gerbils found in the area


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