Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [7/29/2015]

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Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Read more: Unearthing a 400-year-old gravesite in historic Jamestown

Read more: Nearly 100 bodies were found crammed into the house

Watch: NYC subway is run on a 100 year old technology

Watch: Guy Turns A Quarter Into A Ring In Two Minutes Flat


  1. Never incredible, simply turds.

  2. perfect analogy of the superturds^^

  3. All those poor swimmers horrified by dmakers ugly mug.

    1. Maybe, but around here he makes far more sense than the resident apologist.

    2. hey mmc or the uno/ac jackass

    3. Wrong again and full of shit as usual!^


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