The Luxembourg Bigfoot Zoomed And Stabilized

Luxembourg is a small European country bordered by France, Belgium, and Germany. The entire country is mostly rural, and has lots of wilderness and forested areas. Perfect areas for bigfoot. Parabreakdown gives us a better look at the following video that reportedly shows a bigfoot from this tiny country.


  1. Replies
    1. mexicuns over thar ins Luximborg

    2. You have to be a dim bulb to believe that this is a Luxembourg bigfoot. Have you seen anything more stupid and ridiculous?

  2. Bigfoot existing in Luxemburg is about the same odds as it existing in Disneyland.
    Impossible !
    Unless it is Joe in a suit on vacation (and we can never rule that out)

  3. I own a gilley suit, camo coveralls, realtree parkas, etc. This doesn't look like anything I own or use to hunt with.

    1. That's because you don't have Luxembourg gear.

  4. Apparently, in Luxembourg, the Bigfoot dress up as hunters in ghillie suits, so that they blend in and don't get shot. What a concept!

  5. Luxembourg bigfoot? This is asiten. Not asinine.


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