Classic Breakdown White Bigfoot Spotted On Gold Rush

There's a lot of reports of gold miner's hearing and seeing strange things in the woods. After all, they spend a lot of time in bigfoot country. But did a white bigfoot accidentally get filmed during a taping of Gold Rush? Parabreakdown takes a closer look...


  1. Replies
    1. Super first 12:02... How does Phil know Bigfoot wasn't driving that heavy machine after all on the last post a gorilla stole a pick up xx

    2. Hahaha! Good one Eva.

      ~ Chick

  2. Facebook: Marine Corps emblem violates community standards
    WHAT THE !!!

    1. It's the USMC Mark of Stupidity. Many of us are offended by imbeciles.

  3. we been up Alaska way for about 8 years, lot of wilderness and some strange sounds in the back woods, some sightings but nothing concrete to say that a Bigfoot or thunder bird and so on.

  4. FFS! A white bigfoot thats just racist FFS!


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