We can kinda see the figure in this enhancement by The Paranormal Review of the Shenandoah Sasquatch

Pay attention folks. This "Bigfoot" walks by pretty fast and if you blink you might miss it. The Paranormal Review gives us a closer look of the elusive figure:


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    1. http://www.alipac.us/f9/video-black-group-attacks-white-woman-holding-small-child-need-info-when-where-320692/#post1465090

  2. Agreed. Just stop it. It's not even funny anymore.

    Have you forgotten how put down we are?

    And they will crush us if they think we've lied.

    1. "Jeeesssuuusss..." Hi Iktomi. Tim,U.K.

    2. Alright Iktomi, how's it going mate? Seen anything good lately you could direct me to? Cheers fella. Tim,U.K.

    3. Hello mate! Nothing comes to mind, but I'll have a check... Call in soon, would be good to chat!

  3. Shaun FYI: found this today on the Melba Ketchum FB page. Shows that Ketchum`s major "hater" Haskel Hart was once a follower and a supporter of most of her study´s results.

    From: Haskell Hart
    Subject: Review revised
    To: "Robin Lynn"
    Date: Monday, April 15, 2013, 11:57 PM


    The good news is that my findings support the major conclusions in the paper that:

    1. The mtDNA of 29 samples is essentially human.

    2. The nDNA of three samples (26, 31,and 140) has homology to human nDNA on chromosome 11, but is not entirely human.

    and that

    3. The nDNA of three samples(26, 31, and 140) is not related to black bear, raccoon or opossum.

    The bad news is that some more minor conclusions are not supported by results in the paper or my BLAST searches. These involve statements concerning homology to apes, Neanderthals, and Denisovans.

    Sections involving all of these conclusions are highlighted in yellow.

    Because of the above dichotomy, please make no general statements concerning my support for the findings in the paper. You may quote me exactly on any part of my review,

    The previous version of this review has some incorrect assumptions and misinterpretations. Please delete it.

    I look forward to hearing the about the findings of other reviewers and the reactions of the authors..


    Haskell Hart

    1. I would very much like to read that ^ try typing it with not so many spaces between the sentences, it won't get whited out then.

    2. Actually, if it's the Haskell Hart stuff, it's old news. A second round of testing should put all that to bed.

    3. Yes,go back to bed.."toppy" has a need for you.

  4. There is an old Native American saying; "By the time you smell your own Fart, a Bigfoot has walked by"!

    1. I'm reminded, also, of a common Welsh saying:

      "If you smell sh it, it's probably Joes breath"

      True story.

    2. He's a guy who actually believed old newspaper stories of giant skeletons being found were legitimate and that the Smithsonian actually had some remains buried in it's vaults somewhere - isn't that a hoot?

    3. Let's not get blur the distinction between newspaper articles and science journals from the anthropological elite of then AND now. What amuses me, is that you folk will condemn one conspiracy for your own... In that apparently three whole generations of scientists were somehow peddling a biblical myth for the gain.

      Oh... And by the way, it's not a conspiracy when you have the head of such an institution making it known in print that nothing of the sort would be considered. Let me know if you want that link.

    4. ^ Mr Major Bias strikes again with his own blind version of reality.

      Go back to bed...your gayboy "top" partner has a need for you.

    5. If that is just that, grow a pair and show it to be the case... When the only thing coming this way in support your dribbles is homophobia, it kind of puts things into perspective.

      And I really do realise how low I stoop responding to you... You got schooled on your conspiracy contradiction.


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