Photo of the day: Chupacabra or something else?

This photograph is going viral. While some claim it's a chupacabra, others say it's a raccoon -- or a bear. This was original posted in a forum, and the OP wrote the following:

Originally Posted by foxywench

i hope you realize im going to spend the evening now trying to figure out what that poor little thing is...the feet remind me of a raccoon, but its definatly not a raccoon...the face has that possumish shape but the legs are all wrong

heck in that pool step picture the face looks a little zombi-ish...
zombie possum?

ok...after much looking and deliberation...
i woudl put my money on a baby racoon with a nasty case of mange
the feet/legs are a perfect racoon match, and the ears are about right too if you were to take the thick fuzz of the typically known racoon face i think youd find it a perfect match.

though zombie would also work

Is it a bear? Some say the fingers and toes are too long. What do our readers think?


  1. Sorry looking bear!

    Or maybe an alligator leg?

  2. It's a raccoon with messed up hair that maybe got wet. The location, on a downtown street, it raccoon habitat.

    1. er yes that's what the description said

    2. The write up gives a mixture of opinions, but I've seen so many raccoons I could recognize one even if it was wearing sun glasses.

  3. My heart breaks for this little thing (raccoon?)...he looks pitiful! I believe all it needs is a good bath and a hug! :)

    1. careful!! It might bite your nose!!

      But, I agree...poor thing :-(

    2. Ashley Jenkins = Big Doris!!

  4. thats the infamous Rodeo Drive racoon from California. Just had its tips done at Chaz Wens place.

  5. thats the infamous Rodeo Drive racoon from California. Just had its tips done at Chaz Wens place.

  6. It (Racoon) looks like it needs to be captured and looked over by a veterinarian and then released back to it's habitat..............


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