Finding Bigfoot Visits Super Creepy Caddo Lake

Searching by both land and water, the Finding Bigfoot team explores the dark, swampy waters of Caddo Lake. Something in the dark returns their bigfoot howl. Is it a swamp ape?


  1. Oh good God - this stupid show just keeps on sinking to new lows. It has come to the point where ANY sound that is heard after they do their pathetic calls is attributed to Bigfoot. Does anyone REALLY watch this anymore expecting them to actually find something? Or is it as I suspect - just a comedy show or a reason to watch some idiots make fools of themselves?

  2. All that lesbian has to do is fart and she thinks she heard a tree knock. When she takes a piss and shakes her hairy lettuce leaf she thinks she heard a howl. What a cock dumpling.


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