Do You Know Where Bigfoot Sleeps?

In this episode of Animal Planet's Squatch and Learn, they pose the question "Where does bigfoot sleep?" See if you can guess the answer that matches what one of the Finding Bigfoot team members believes.


  1. I don't know where a bigfoot sleeps but if I were one i'd check under the bed to make sure Fasano isn't hiding underneath

    1. My guess is that "bigfoot" sleeps in a normal bed...his activity suit (hairy and large size) is hung up in the wardrobe ready for the next "sighting" tomorrow...the suit has had some remarkably successful outings.

  2. In addition to these being a blatant promotion for the show, this is the dumbest and most idiotic thing ever. Come to think of it - it does fit in quite nicely with the show.

  3. Matt is blowing hot air out of his butt hole on this one. Bigfoot is not going to take the chance of sleeping where he could be caught by a human with a gun. Only in habituation scenarios does this take place. Since the Bigfoot are paranormal, they sleep in another dimension. And then they sleep wherever they want to and however they want to. Since they are shapeshifters, they can sleep as an orb in another dimension, in the ground. No human could kill him there.

  4. Bigfoot sleeps well in the imagination of believers everywhere.

  5. Finding Bigfoot! It's the show where they do everything except the name of the show!


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