Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [5/29/2015]

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Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

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  1. Is it true that iktomi is not a native american?


    1. People that are unhappy with themselves sometimes construct alternate identities.

      However, it's mega uncool to take on a Native American identity in such a combative and disgraceful way as iktomi has.

      Hopefully that character will just move on. There's no place for someone doing that kind of behavior on this blog.

    2. That person is addicted to portraying an imaginary identity online to substitute for the failures in his real life. As sad as it is, it's probably good that he has an outlet for his frustration so that he does not become a serial killer.

    3. The problem is bringing Native American culture into "his" psychosis.

      Native Americans deserve better than Joe F i tz g e r a l d and his abuse of Native American do ALL of us.

    4. Khat Hansen's description of bigfoot:

      "They have many different gifts such as great as a car when they choose. The ability to become invisible (which has been explained to me as "wrapping the light around themselves"). I have pictures of this on my website. Great inhuman strength. And the ability to camouflage themselves into different forms, i.e.: stumps or trees that people do not realize are Bigfoot until they actually see it walk away or go right up to it and realize it is a Bigfoot."

    5. It is all making perfect sence now,
      The racist remarks regaurding.zana,
      According to iktomi, zana was a hairy
      Black Ape ,that when forced to drink to
      Much booze became a sub human
      Slut, in realaty she was just a poor sub saharan black woman,at the wrong place in wrong time..
      Iktomi . SHAME ON YOU !!

    6. SYKES IS HERE???????????

    7. iktomi's negative portrayals of black and native americans has to end.

      Keep iktomi off this blog!!!! I cringe when I see "his" bigoted comments.

    8. I saw bigfoot in 1973. He tried to grab me with a massive, prehensile, tentacle like appendage.

    9. Your routine around here is on the verge of bankruptcy...

      Get a loan for some new material.

    10. 10;55 looking for attention.

    11. I 'm writing down and saving that snappy comeback !

    12. 11;07 looking for attention

    13. More comedy gold!

      Thank you

    14. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Donald Maker gets annihilated and the spoiled little brat, the one with such hairy palms that it makes him use the space bar too much (even if it's deliberate, I've never known someone who needs to use a space bar that much in order to get more attention for his direly monotonous comments), only has his own actions of using multiple cowardly accounts to project on others for a lack of creative argument. What else can one expect from some one who's creative intelligence is peaked at "Bigfoot doesn't exist". Do you know what can be accused of racism? Suggesting that Native Americans wouldn't comment on a blog that has it's subject matter rooted in their culture, and suggesting that people are wrong to admire such.

      "Zana's resemblance was described as that of a wild beast, "the most frightening feature of which was her expression, which was pure animal," wrote one Russian zoologist in 1996. Now Professor Bryan Sykes at the University of Oxford says he believes Zana had a strain of West African DNA that belonged to a subspecies of modern humans. Sykes explained that while the woman, said to stand 6 feet 6 inches tall, was genetically 100 percent African, she showed little physical or genetic resemblance to any group living in modern Africa. Sykes has published a book, The Nature of the Beast, in which he writes that Zana's ancestors could have come out of Africa more than 100,000 years ago and lived for many generations in the remote Caucasus region. Zana had at least four children, fathered by local men, and some of her descendants reportedly still live in the area. Sykes says he conducted DNA tests on saliva from six of her living descendants and on a tooth from one of her sons. He has also done further research on Zana since writing the book.

      "They will be published in the regular scientific press so I can't be more specific," he said."

      I'm gonna enjoy giving that hairy palms space bar guy a real meltdown.

      : p

    15. For someone who has been repeatedly arse violated by Dmaker's arguments, I can see why you keep going on about this supposed "annihilation". LOL

    16. HAA HAA ,Joe god bless your pointed little head,
      You ARE truly the object of Fun & Mirth on this blog
      you get so BUTT HURT over getting TROLLED !
      My God you truly are a DINGBAT !!

      Captain obvious

    17. HEY 11:27 ,or whatever your name is this minute
      Please respond Quickly ,
      as i feel like FORCING you to Make me Laugh !!! HAA.HAA

    18. I think you meant "whose creative intelligence." "Who's" is a contraction of "who is."

    19. Don't expect rudimentary grammar to come easily to Joe. "He's" more interested in proving that bigfoot was a black woman, while hiding behind a Native American name.

    20. Would you like me to explain to you the difference between "if" and "of" again... And "arcaic" is spelled how? How would these embarrassing grammatical errors fit in your view of others' intelligence? I'm "hiding"? I'm sorry... But when you're hypocritically pointing out the grammar of others, no doubt because you fail so miserably on addressing the subject matter, where's your name? Coward with an inferiority complex... And not a clever coward too.

      12:22 didn't know humans were primates, and Donald Maker needs a moderated forum to debate, apparently.


    21. BOSS of joeTuesday, November 11, 2014 at 2:56:00 PM PST
      Unknown primate hair???
      Why you little Low IQ UK FOP!! Yesterday You ,(boy joe),were saying sasquatch are human( hss). Now they are unknown primate.WHAT A COMPLETE FOOL!!
      Now get back inthe corner "boy" till the school bell rings!
      j***********d verifiedTuesday, November 11, 2014 at 3:00:00 PM PST
      ... Are primates.

    22. Joe is obsessed with his boss! How sweet.

    23. It's more like having a cruel streak.

    24. So you admit you are cruel? Do you want to admit to some other things finally?


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