M.K. Davis enhances Bigfoot hair

Folks. This may or may not be Bigfoot hair. The fact is, most of these hairs sent to labs usually comes back as "unknown". Why is this? Who knows. It could be due to contamination or it could really belong to a Bigfoot. M.K. Davis recently received some hair samples for analysis. Check it out:


  1. What's this got to do with anything ?

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  2. "This may or may not be Bigfoot hair."


  3. M.K Davis is also filming a remake of the musical hair using only bigfoots

  4. It's Davis' straightened pubic hair. Not bigfoot at all.

  5. Another no value added, disinformation video presented to you by the U.S. Government. Keep watching these and your I.Q. will noticeably decrease until you an be inducted into the U.S. Army.


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