Exclusive: Small Town Monsters: The Minerva Monster Review!

Artwork by Aaron Akagi

This is a guest post by bigfoot enthusiast and artist Aaron Akagi.

Minerva Monster Review
By Aaron Akagi

I recently had the opportunity to watch the highly anticipated Bigfoot documentary Small Town Monsters: The Minerva Monster by filmmaker Seth Breedlove. The film recounts the events that befell the Caton family at the end of August 1978 as told through interviews with sheriff's deputy, James Shannon and Akron Beacon Journal reporter, Barbara (Mudrak) Galloway. Both of whom investigated the incident. The Caton family described a large hairy manlike creature that repeatedly threw rocks at their home and watched the family from a hillside overlooking their home in Paris township, Ohio. Representing the Caton family, son Howe Caton shares his memories of the incidents his family endured from the creature when he was a child. Several other townsfolk are also included in the documentary with their own alleged encounters with the Minerva Monster. To help frame the film, local historians and the town mayor give us a thorough history of the town of Minerva itself. All the interviews are suspensefully woven together with a haunting soundtrack by Brandon Dalo.

Seth Breedlove does a masterful job by leaving out the camp and silly reenactments that many Bigfoot TV shows and documentaries tend to rely upon. Breedlove presents us with a story that actually happened as told by several witnesses during and surrounding the incidents and then lets us decide where we choose to draw our own conclusions. In this way, it is one of the most professional documentaries ever told about the elusive subject of Bigfoot and gives credibility to a topic that is in desperate need of being taken seriously.

 You can rent or buy Small Town Monsters The Minerva Monster at the link here.


  1. How does one reconcile the fact that the creature in question that can not be found and leaves no biological evidence is a 9 foot 1000lb ape creature?

    1. I dont know. Ask sweaty yeti. He has an interesting grainy film still with a couple of lines drawn on it in microsoft paint that has scientists the world over scratching their head and losing sleep.

    2. It's a dimensional portal jumper, silly goose.

    3. find
      discover or perceive by chance or unexpectedly.
      "Lindsey looked up to find Niall watching her"
      synonyms: discover, become aware, realize, observe, notice, note, perceive, learn, detect
      discover after a deliberate search.
      discover or perceive by chance or unexpectedly.
      "Lindsey looked up to find Niall watching her"
      synonyms: discover, become aware, realize, observe, notice, note, perceive, learn, detect More
      discover after a deliberate search.
      "I can't find my keys"
      synonyms: locate, spot, pinpoint, unearth, obtain, detect, put one's finger on;"
      I think you'll find that every time some one reports an encounter with a Sasquatch, it falls well within the definition of it being found. If you've seen a dog in your back yard and found trace evidence of it and filmed it, then you merely haven't caught it yet... Very basic stuff. Biological evidence;



    4. ^ Thats right ,I agree completely ,,, ^
      ARE YOU HOT ???

  2. If you ask why Bigfoot cannot be found, you then must as why the Chinese Panda was said to be a myth, as well as the African Gorilla - check out these stories on Internet. Bigfoot is so much more clever than those other "mythical" creatures, seeing that he's a hybrid human


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