Wild Men of the Woods: Finding Sasquatch - Looks Like It Could Be An Awesome Documentary

Folks. Check out this Kickstarter and see why we're supporting this Kickstarter. It's for a new documentary titled, "Wild Men of the Woods: Finding Sasquatch - A Documentary". Here's a brief project info:

The Project

Set to the backdrop of the beautiful Pacific Northwest wilderness, Wild Men of the Woods will be a multimedia project that takes an honest look at a mysterious part of folklore history, and the contributions and sacrifices made to it by a few bright souls.

The story will focus on a few quirky, but earnest, characters who have made the Sasquatch a central part of their lives, for better or worse.

It will explore their dedication, and the strategy to find the Sasquatch, and the impact that their pursuit has had on their lives and the lives of people close to them.

Our goal is to produce a short film suitable for festival release. The film will also couple with a website that will include a feature cut of the film, as well as a series of shorter videos that delve deeper into the characters, the facts and Sasquatch folklore.

You can support them via their Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1508032156/wild-men-of-the-woods-finding-sasquatch-a-document


  1. You whippersnappers are off your rockers!

  2. it looks like it, almost ,close but not hardly.

  3. Let Steenburg pay for the entire film, if it is going to be about him.

  4. kickstarter is stupid. there is nothing to stop them from taking the money and running

    1. Todd was going to buy one stinkin quadcopter, and then retire with the rest. Unfortunately, he barely got enough to pay for the copter, so I guess he goes back to making dramatic movies.

  5. Replies
    1. There's probably not a guy here who didn't think the same thing . . . except for Rictor of course.


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