These art and depictions of bigfoot are hysterical! Part 2 [Guest Post]

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by BFE reader Bill W.

Ok then,lets add up what we know...0+0=0. There are no Bigfoot experts yet.Just collectors of evidence.The Indians knew,the Vikings knew,even the Romans knew.At least they all wrote accounts concerning “hairy wildmen”.To the Romans it was Homo-Troglodytes “Humanity is divided into 2 groups- Homo-Sapiens and Homo-troglodytes who stays to the remotest wilderness”.The anecdotal accounts of thousands of witnesses are dismissed by science as mis-identification or outright fabrications...because we don’t have a body.We don’t have more film.Well,who knows what the Government has floating in embalming fluid somewhere? We live in a world of secrets and “need-to-know”.The general populace isn’t privy to ALL the facts and info the US Government has in it’s possession.That’s about as far as I buy into conspiracy theories.

Does Bigfoot steal women? Hmmmm.Even though it’s a fun thing to do,stealing women will get a Indian Hunting party after you.That may be a little white lie one brave told another,sitting around the tee-pee one night.

NOW! Does Bigfoot throw rocks>?? BUT OF COURSE! I had just E-mail Shawn with the idea that considering Sasquatch’s propensity for throwing stones,If the average Bigfoot had a fastball like Nolan Ryan-there would be a whole lot more on the menu.Remember that incident with Randy Johnson and the Vaporized Pigeon? No wonder the woods go quiet when there’s a Squatch around.....Enjoy the comic.

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  1. You still spinning in the bowl 1:47? At least you have the proper self-image.

  2. Did not that incident with Randy Johnson happen in Canada and they were thinking about trying to find charges to press against Randy? I know the Peta folks did not like it, but it was hardly intentional.

    Although the Forest Giant has tossed rocks at humans many thousands of time, probably hundreds of thousands as most are clueless as to what is going on, these are usually lobbed in. I would love to see what one could actually do with a baseball and how fast it could throw it. I have an idea I would not want to be the one to catch it.
    Thanks Bill W.

  3. This naked woman did not last much more than maybe 20 minutes, while hiking naked through Bigfoot country.

  4. Well,If they ARE Neanderthal ,means they could be getting busy.......a little Bigfoot bun in the oven!Genetically compatible.



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