Check Out This GoFundMe Page For The Durham Warrior 100 Mile Hike

Hey, folks. If you're looking to support our veterans this year, here's the perfect oppurtunity to do so. Team Rogue recently set up a GoFundMe page the the vets, and they could really use the help:

Do something you can be proud of! Let's help our Veterans!! Team Rogue is about to hike 100 miles through the most remote wilderness of Maine to raise money for our Vets. The money we raise will go directly to help veterans enjoy the outdoors as well as funding us on this hike. The rest will goto Durham Warriors is awesome!! They provide Vets and Active duty personnel a free Yurt to enjoy, the guests also get to use the 100 acres of land bordering Runaround Pond in Durham, Maine. This hike is no joke it is 100 miles of the toughest terrain on the AT.. So please help us raise money for our Veterans they were willing to give everything for you. So lets give back to them.. #TeamRogue

Click here to check out the GoFundMe page:


  1. Why does a soliders well being matter more than anyone else?

    How about a 100 mile trek for our schools?

    A 10 mile swim for libraries?

    Why has the warrior class been placed above the rest of society? And yet rakes in the most welfare?

  2. What is this moron going to scam next; an orphan's fund? He is a hoaxer, he hoaxed on that stupid show; why are you guys blogging about a known hoaxer? Hoax promoters! Rot in hell.


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