Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [2/26/2015]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

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  1. There is a topic here for so many.

    Head transplants for the jrefers

    ball swiping for ol DC so he knows what happened to his

    poop in a beer bottle for poop in a jar guy

    the black hole is Shark heads

    and I just dont know how to fit the damn shirt in- ask Clive maybe hes got an idea

  2. ...The only thing more improbable then a head transplant is an undetected population of 10 foot half-ton apemen in North 10 foot apemen givibg each other head(transplants) is more improbable....

    1. Evening 10:05,

      How did you get interested in Bigfoot ?

    2. The BFE skeptards were told a year + ago that human head transplants were coming their way soon. Just a couple of years, 10:05, and you too can have a brain.

      Sign up today.

    3. ...Hi Clive...I was a monster kid in the 70's and was drawn to Monsterquest...After a bigfoot episode or two, i did some inline research and was surprised that bigfoot was not knocked out of the box on fIrst principles: I.e even deniers agreed such a thing was possible...

      I think its cool that its possible and some of the evidence is compelling and interesting, but its hard to imagine that a large mammal remains undiscovered...

      So, I'm a skeptical footer that likes to joke around here(without insulting anybody-maybe just annoying

    4. ..oops..s/b "online research" not "inline" as in skating, which I stink at...

    5. ..12:13..I actually remember that! I spend too much time around here..

    6. You're doing a good job out there 5:52.

      I'll have to admit Monster Quest is one of my favorites...they don't make em like that anymore.

      Keep up the good work around here and who knows, something weird like real evidence might happen.

  3. I had Joe/Iktomi's mums last night. She's a real slag piece of arse.

    1. Joe has more than one mum? Which one are you talking about? Your comment seems to be infected with inebriation.


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