These Stoners Actually Witnessed a Real UFO

I don't know if there are really E.T.s flying their spacecraft in our atmosphere, but this video from Palm Desert California is causing me to rethink my position. What the heck are these people seeing? They caught it all on tape!


  1. GRAYs not only using Bigfoots for DNA collection, but they also use drones for their collection operations

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    2. ...Now we know bigfoots use tools: drones and probes...I was stoned Saturday and passed out...Saw a guy on the subway that looked like my mom and me...GRAYS clone people and stoners...

    3. Imagine being locked in a room with these liberals for more than five minutes! I'd rather lick the bottom of my shoe!!!

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  2. lots of tham mexicuns abin thar in californy wuth tham forn folks gitin tham job ans such

  3. lets US not forget -
    Season 3 of MOUNTAIN MONSTERS Premieres Saturday, March 7 at 10/9c On Destination America

  4. For almost 150 years the United States has been conducting an
    interesting experiment. The subjects of the experiment: black people and
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    The hypothesis to be tested: Can a people taken from the jungles
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    1. we bein po folk heers in Missuri caws we gits tham mexicuns ans forn folk takin tham jobs

    2. I wish you would run for the presidency in 2016! seriously man well said and so fucking true. Liberals on the other hand will just call you a racist! Knowing damned well that every word you typed was so true and so on point! Post this at every web page you visit for the rest of the year. I'm so glad I saw this beautiful rendition of the hard truth. And that truth is not exploited anymore in the Marxist media. Well done! You sir get a star for like ever!

      P.S. to all liberals/climate change whack-o's go F-yourself you evil lying misleading scumbags and denier's of truth! Your beloved PETS will rape and kill you someday soon if you keep feeding/breeding them. But remember what you jagoff's say....They are just like us. Yeah right!!! Not in a million and one years.

    3. remember global climate disruption the bigest threat we have today

    4. Hold a group of people in slavery for 200 years and then institute legalized segregation on the same group of people for another 100 years and of course you will end up with a group of marginalized citizens. You expect the results of that 300 years of treatment to simply vanish in one generation?

    5. YES most chinese and vietnamese did

    6. There is a group of black people who do succeedingly well and don't have all the typical problems mentioned above.

      What is that group? Why black kids who go through the adoption process at near infant stage and are adopted by white people.
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      The point is, 95% of there problem is outlook. And what doesn't work gets propagated by there own community.

      Like 12:06 above, we need excusses!!!!!!

    7. we bein po folk heers ans we needin to gits tham jobs ans educayshun

    8. ..12:06: Liberals were on the right side of the civil rights movement, but their great society programs were damaging to the black community..That community is struggling to recover from Johnsons initiatives(i.e welfare) not slavery or Jim Crow....

  5. the GOV going ban 5.56 ammo for your SAFETY : )

    1. It's a proposal by the ATF for a certain type of bullet (M855 Ball). It's taking public opinion. Not exactly a sure thing yet.

    2. WalMart and gun shops report shortages of AR-15 ammunition following the ATF’s proposal to prohibit the sale of steel-tipped 5.56-millimeter bullets!!!

  6. Joey the Ikatomi is getting destroyed again. a couple threads back, hilarious.

    1. Well, when you are arguing the existence of bigfoot with zero evidence to back up your statements then there really is only one outcome.

    2. The situation can relate to many instances of with held information, requiring governments to comply like the innumerable examples here;

      ... Why did any of these cases' information surface if the information was initially with held? (Pfffft) It's ok! You degenerates are learning at least.

    3. Oh, and come see me tomorrow 12:56... I'll be happy to introduce you to the evidence all day long. You'll be name dropping me through to Sunday evening, I can assure you that.

  7. Poor bastards. Wait till they see those goddamn bats!
    -Raoul Duke

  8. Is that Tommy Chong in the beginning?

  9. Them be stoners alright, but camera was not stoned. One single bright light splits into 3, awesome. They probably live at the bottom of the hill where I use to live in Palm Desert, on Portola Ave. Best thing there was The Living Desert, Zoo at top of the hill with big horn sheep on the mountains and mountain lions. At the bottom of the hill on Hwy 111 was a Ruths Chris and some awesome steaks if you did mind giving them your first born for payment.

  10. All the Dude ever wanted was his rug back.....

  11. And some Chinaman pissed on it.

  12. I'm a native of a very low key area, we don't try to be seen unless by our family and friends if you get my drift. I've heard about UFO's and of course our pal BF, but never anything actually witnessed by myself or anyone close to me. This as Mr Iktomi has pointed out many times, has a tendency to close ones mind to such things. This is an actual account of what My 10year old daughter, my 8year old grandaughter and I saw, yes I actually saw 25 minutes ago. We were traveling I-75 north between carryville and the 141 exit at the top of Jellico Mtn, when my daughter ask me about a strange light just to our east. I turned and noticed this light that I figured was the lifestar helicopter transporting a critical patient to UT med center. This is an event often seen in our area. Then she told me to look again because it was spinning in a circle. I looked and no joke, it was making a 180 and loosing altitude. I thought, their in trouble and going down. I tried to make a cell call but no signal, Very strange and never happened before at this location. I then slowed to see if the call would go through again while watching the light in the sky continue to lose altitude in an unreal consistent 180 circle. No service, and now my grandaughter noticed another light coming in our direction. Now two, and here's where it gets weird. This light came in above the first and came to a complete stop and hovered above. My daughter said" Dad what are they doing?" and for the first time in my life, I was totally speechless. The first light then began to slow it's circle and it started to immediately gain altitude. The girls were locked between freaked and curiosity, I was just freaked. While sitting still off the side of the on ramp at the 141 we watched as the two lights lined up at what appeared to be the same altitude, one spinning in a 180, one hovering in a perfect stop action. I was simply amazed and I realized others were slowing down to see this air show too. All at once the spinning light just went out, then the stationary light brightened, kinda shook or wiggled side to side and gone. out the light went. We sat for a couple minutes waiting for something else, but nothing. I can't say what this was, but I'm pretty sure what they weren't. I've never seen anything remotely close to this nor have I heard such a story. What could this have been? has anyone ever witnessed anything like this? I'm trying now to answer the bright eyed question from these two very intelligent young girls, and I'm afraid I don't have the answers. Thank you'all for your time and help on this wild event. UFO's , I feel like it's the real X-files. Tri-county

    1. Thanks for sharing. That was great... It's a very strange phenomena and some lights have been documented to be several miles wide and high from a very long distance.

      I think we're a considerable distance from understanding this.

    2. Quite a sighting Tri-County. Eyes to the sky and never know what one might see. Been through Jelico Mtn quite a few times. Sometimes the ears pop a bit on the way down. Exit 141 is close to where the I-75 washed out 2 or 3 years ago and it is a slow route around but pretty never the less. I can not answer you question, but what you witnessed has been seen thousands if not millions of times.

    3. Thanks Iktomi, Chuck. If you look to the east when your on the tip top of the mtn, I grew up on the furthest most peak friends. Beautiful place, but their cutting itall down now. Only a few own some land and timber to save. We were really in awe at this sighting, glad you enjoyed it guys.

  13. Well thanks to any that read this, sorry nobody has had an experience like it, maybe you will in the future. have a great evening! Tri-county.

  14. NOT EVIDENCE OF BIGFOOT SHAWN! but still it was funny though


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