Myakka River State Park Sighting?

This morning, Florida skunk ape hunter Tim Fasano returned to the location of where witnesses claimed they spotted a skunk ape. What's peculiar about this video is that people are behaving to deer sighting the same way. "At the exact spot where the viral Skunk Ape video was shot, people were pulling over and running to the clearing. Some had telephoto lenses. It was three deer. Hum? Coincidentally the same spot?" Fasano wrote.

Fasano returns to Myakka and sees commotion.

In 2008, a Skunk Ape was puportedly filmed in Myakka State Park Florida. While plenty of witnesses got out of their vehicles to take photographs of the creature in the distance, Mike Falconer was the only person to upload his video to YouTube:


  1. Replies
    1. thats a skunk ape or iam a FOOL

    2. Robert "The Duchess" Lindsay says that he thinks that everyone should be Liberal and speak with a lisp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Be careful, T-FATS will stab you in the back too

  3. I am pretty sure this was from 2013, maybe spring 2012. There was a lady standing next to him that had a telephoto lens and to date none of her pics have surfaced. I would like to see what she got.

  4. Those Amish folks don't lie...

    1. sometimes tham mexicuns bein bordar jumpin heers ans folks seein tham mexicuns

  5. I call BS. I was at Myakka on Sunday. They keep taking these gd photos from the main entrance road into the park and claim to see stuff. If there are Skunk Apes, they aren't parading around the main paved road through the park.


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