Famous Russian Cryptozoologist To Make An Appearance At Michigan Bigfoot Days

Cryptozoologist Dr. Igor Burtsev is making the long journey from his home in Moscow, Russia to make an appearance at the West Branch Bigfoot Days in Michigan. If you're in the area, this is a good opportunity to meet and speak with Dr. Burtsev.


  1. Here's our chance to get Bourtsev the help he needs.

  2. Robert "The Duchess" Lindsay says that he makes homemade soap out of rendered pig fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I will take selfie with him and tell friends I met Sean Connery !

  4. This guy is the real deal. One of the three wisemen of almasty research. Ill never forget hearing that line during professor sykes documentary. Welcome to emerica dr burtsev, try amd not to talk too much with the clowns that are going to attempt to interact

    1. Ask Meldrum if he thinks Burtsev is the "real deal".

  5. Igor Burtsev called Janice Carter "the Jane Goodall of bigfoot." Does anything more need to be said about his credibility?


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