This Halloween Watch Out For All These Real Monsters!

This Halloween takes a look at all the monsters lurking around the United States. Including the fabled Wolfman of Chestnut Mountain in Illinois...

"Rachel Gendreau was driving on a deserted rural road one October night when she decided to take a shortcut through a patch of thick woods.

There was a full moon that night, and the road was tinged with an eerie glow. As Gendreau chatted with her fiancé, she squinted into the darkness ahead and saw something strange: A massive wolflike creature was standing upright in the road, staring at her with shimmering white eyes.

As Gendreau drew closer, the creature leaped from the road and bounded into the woods.

"What the hell was that?" Gendreau sputtered. "Did you see it?"

"I don't know what it was, but it had dog legs," said her fiancé.

Gendreau looked into the rearview mirror and had another scare: The beast had circled behind her car in a flash and was watching her again with those glittering white eyes as she and her fiancé sped away.

Gendreau didn't know it at the time, but she had spotted the Wolfman of Chestnut Mountain, an elusive creature that people had sighted in rural Illinois for years. You may not have heard of the Wolfman, but chances are there's some strange creature lurking near you -- and a group of monster hunters is hot on its trail."

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  1. .45 caliber to the chest with them all!

  2. I am the Lord of the Underworld...the one they call......


  3. The Bigfooters don't like any quick and easy way to confirm Bigfoot. That's because when these things are done it shows that Bigfoot isn't out there.

    The biggest manhunt in the history of Pennsylvania just successfully completed and it was done primarily in forested areas. Lots of aircraft with FLIR used as well as boot-on-the-ground with modern government technology. No Bigfoot. They also didn't find any giant beavers or any Pennsylvanian giant ground sloths.

    The Bigfooters won't talk about government or commercial FLIR being the way to confirm Bigfoot because they know that it would have already done that if Bigfoot really did exist. Within hours or days, the USAF would not only be able to detect and track Bigfoots, they would also be able to make names for individuals.

    1. unless they do live underground or can dissaper like the natives claim. They are neph anyway and the government knows it.

      Thats why I know you are one of two things-------

      1. A complete commy idiot who thinks it's his duty to tell others what THEY saw!

      2. A paid government diss-information agent who is trying to keep wraps on what the bad guys are really up to. Aliens and all. If this is the case, go tell your superior that thier f'n stupid and the whole Alien thing is bullshit. There Demons, you guys are making deals with Demons. Stupid clowns are gonna take down this country and the whole planet by inviting them in under the pretence that they are here to help (with whatever problem, --- they probably created) us and the "Planet" ha ha ha ha ---boo

    2. Actually 3. Someone living in the real world

    3. I have used FLIR many times. FLIR does not work in tree cover or thick vegetation. During winter months when there are no leaves FLIR works best but it is still a misconception of how it works. FLIR picks up heat signature but it cannot work like an x-ray, etc. where it sees through things to detect heat.


  4. Absolutely non of these are real, period. There would be a body,tracks,babies,families,feces,bones,some sort of evidence. To think that htese things live out in the woods and yet have never been shot by a hunter or ended up road kill is rediculous. It makes for exciting stories to frighten kids around a campfire but to report in stories of peoples supposed encounters is humorous really.

  5. Anyone seen my chicken heads??


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