Watch This Indignant Monkey

This monkey doesn't give a crap anymore. To be honest, I would be like this too if I were put it in a cage and gawked at it all day long.


  1. Replies
    1. Bet his piss poor attitude would change when they give him a female monkey. unless he's gay of course. Yu never know about anything anymore. I never thought that doogie howser was a butt filler!

  2. Good job by Liverpool pissing another result away in stoppage time.

  3. J Randi for first gay President and me for first husband !

  4. The US Federal [Bank] Government puts you in a cage and the NSA gawks at you all day long.

    1. Do you have any oil or pipelines, otherwise we can't liberate your soul from your body as easy.
      But you're free to consume our hollywood films, news media and silly devices, this should free you of most of those pesky cognitive processes.

  5. Uno= 600lbs of toothless swamp angel


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