Watch This Video of My Grandpa's Bigfoot Sighting

This video is My Grandpa's Bigfoot Sighting. No, not MY grandpa, someone else's grandpa. Maybe YouTube user "drew bundy" who uploaded the video. That's just the title of the video. Either way, enjoy. But that's not my grandpa.


  1. Replies

    2. Viva la Mexican Sasquatch.

    3. Daily reminder "joe" is a paid troll. He also is many,if not all,of the superfriends.

    4. You Jehadists are vaginas, bet you cant blow me up chump!

      Mexican Bigfoot.

    5. Wow, and just think. All it would take is for those peace loving Muslims to Point out to the Israelies where the bad guys are and all this would stop. Wonder why that never happens?

      Can't police yourself, and you'll get policed!

    6. You have no clue what is really going on there.

      When it comes here you too will ask the world to watch and bear witness.

    7. Barack Ebola for a third term!!

    8. Anon are one annoying little twat.

      On the other hand, Joe is a nice bunch of guys, once you get to know all of them.

    9. Yes indeed, Joe is a paid troll. And what i mean by that, is that he gets checks from his participation here. Now that could mean he is a blog moderator, or the blog owner. Use your own judgement. But he is a paid troll and that is a fact. And on a side note, how much did you have to pay your grandpa to recite that made up crap?

  2. 9:23 Pretending to be Mexican Bigfoot.


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