Listen: After Hours with Rictor (The #1 Bigfoot Webcast) - Bigfoot Bounty Reunion: Kat McKechnie (Part 2)

In part 2 of After Hours with Rictor's interview with Kat McKechnie, Bigfoot Bounty star Rictor Riolo is joined by his co-hosts Tammy Murray and Steve Alcorn along with a new member of his motley crew: Paranormal investigator, Sally Petri.  They talk about the show, Kat's sighting, what she endured, plus Kat shared her favorite memories from her epic reality show.

Spike TV's Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty was the first Bigfoot competition reality TV program where 9 teams of 2 competed against one another to bring back the best in Bigfoot evidence.  Tonight on After Hours with Rictor, we get to dig deeper into Michael Merchant's partner, ghost hunter Kat McKechnie, who is by trade a real life paranormal investigator from Maine.


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