Watch: Fishermen Capture Creepy Audio of Bigfoot Screams in Kentucky

Two men in Kentucky were out fishing late one night when they began hearing horrible screams coming from a remote wooded area. They are certain nobody was in the area, and the vocalizations lasted for nearly an hour. Check it out:


  1. isn't it interesting that after making all that money on the PGF, the proceeds went to this Thailand expedition, with zero history of bigfoot or Yeti and only his unsubstantiated claim that he got a private letter from some serviceman.

    This is the most expensive "expedition" by far that Patterson ever took, requiring international air tickets, lodging, local transportation, and God knows how many barfines for private interviews of beautiful girls in bikinis.

  2. Usually screams out of the woods of Kentucky means The Father-Daughter Dance is in full swing.

  3. Hey footers and non footers. If you listen real closely you can hear that hoax known as climate change(weather to most of us) in the background. Man I'm still waiting for Capt'n Science-dude to tell all of us what animal went extinct as he claimed the other day? Come on sport-o our inquiring minds really must know! It couldn't be the Do-Do bird could it? No that wasn't it! Man I'm really having a hard time guessing which animal you said went extinct because of man made climate change or global warming and sometimes referred to as the Ice Age when convenient for the liberal hoax.

    1. take another hit off the pipe then climb up on the roof,jump off and impact the cement with the top of your head

    2. Seriously. Don't breed please.

  4. fisherman record bigfoot hunters making howls in woods...

  5. So, "accidental fishermen" post a youtube using the Jacob's Creature as the thumbnail and "Screams" in the tag.


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