Checkout Bigfoot Conclave a New Bigfoot Novel

"Bigfoot Conclave is a fictional account of dedicated Bigfooters who are recruited and brought together by a wealthy businessman and his partner for the purpose of pooling their resources in finding proof of the existence of Bigfoots. The story is told by the lead character, Dane, who is a free-lance reporter who happens upon a chance encounter with a Bigfoot on a solo hike into the wilderness. Dane meets one of the members of this secret group on his hike and as the story unfolds Dane begins to uncover the inner workings of this secret group and finds that the quest for a Bigfoot body can often be an obsession."

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About the author:
"Darrell Eylander is an absolute rookie writer. Although he received straight A’s on all his psychology research papers in college, Bigfoot Conclave is his first attempt at a novel. He has never won a writing award or written for the school newspaper. He has never received a degree in English composition or Literature. What he brings to his little world of writing is a creative analytical approach which places the reader inside the head of the main character. With his background in psychology, Darrell weaves human emotions and behavioral principles into his story-line. So if you don’t require your authors to be best-sellers, have celebrity endorsements, and be published by NY publishing houses, you may really enjoy this adventure novel by an everyday man who knows how everyday people behave and think."


  1. Replies
    1. Um... Doesn't he mean "enclave"? How embarrassing to have a typo in the title of your book...

    2. con·clave
      a private meeting.
      synonyms: (private) meeting, gathering, assembly, conference, council, summit; More
      (in the Roman Catholic Church) the assembly of cardinals for the election of a pope.
      the meeting place for a conclave.

  2. Would it be okay if I didn't check it out?

  3. No! Read it or you will be banned from BE!


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