Bigfoot Festival and Conference in Oklahoma

Now you don't have to wait until fall to attend the Honobia bigfoot festival and conference in southeastern Oklahoma. Organizers have added a second event to the area, taking place April 18th and 19th, 2014, just outside of the small town of Honobia in the Little River Valley. The Lookin' Late Bigfoot Festival and Conference.

"Why is this called “LOOKIN’ LATE” Simply because the Choctaw word “Hon okbia”, translates into English Looking late.
Welcome to the beautiful Kiamichi mountains and the Little River Valley. This area has had numerous sightings and reported experiences with something big and hairy. Could have been Big Foot, could not have been. One thing is certain, things happen in our neck of the woods that affects the whole world.
With all the area sightings and the T.V. Programs regarding Sasquatch, Big Foots, and other unusual happenings it’s only proper that there be two times a year to open up Big Foot’s back yard and invite “Clans wanting to Know” to gather and hear new information and visit with others who’ve had an unusual experience.
This being a family oriented gathering (biological, or camaraderie) everyone is invited to become a part of the Honobia Big Foot Family. We can all gain insight into Sasquatchery together.
After this past winters’ cold, ice, and snow it will be a welcome sight to walk the 10 acres of fresh new green colors interspersed with the brilliantly clean whites of the dog woods. So pack up the babies and grab the ole ladies
and everyone go to Big Foot’s Permanent Show
At Ludlow Rock School House.
We’ll be waiting to welcome you––- Logan Williams"

To find out all the detail and info about this festival and conference, visit the official website by clicking here.


  1. I went to this festival back in 08. I hear they've moved locations now and changed things up a good bit. Still no squatches though, so that part remains the same.

  2. Hi people! I was watching this video from youtube:

    posted by Bigfoot Project, this is Rene Dahinden speaking at a Bigfoot Conference. The following paragraph was posted at the end of the description of the video:

    Dahinden died of prostate cancer at approximately 8:40 p.m. PDT on April 18, 2001, in British Columbia. In an obituary in the National Post, his friend Christopher Murphy remembered a remark of Dahinden's. "One day he said to me: 'You know, I've spent over 40 years — and I didn't find it. I guess that's got to say something.'"

    Any thoughts on Dahinden's remark at the end? Did he die with plenty of doubt that BF exists? I guess Will Jevning might know for sure. I know this is off topic but I am curious as to what some of you might think.

    1. Yup. Dahinden also said "the longer we go without a discovery, the more likely it doesn't exist". That's from a man who spent a huge part of his life in pursuit of this mystery. He was dogged in his search, but openly critical of a lot of the evidence. He did not buy into any of Ivan Marx's evidence, including the cripple foot prints (VERY suspicious prints, if you are aware of the circumstances around them ), and he was very open with his thoughts about Paul Freeman. I'd say he was very sharp, and knows of what he speaks.

    2. thanks anon. He always seems straightforward and does not BS around.
      Many today do not like that trait in bigfooting, those that do are constantly arguing with "believers" that twist alleged evidence and words to fit their version of what they want so bad to believe.

    3. nice obliteration of joe above thanks for that

    4. I would honestly like to hear joe's input I am a fan of his and respect his opinion. Seems like he has not been around lately

    5. An opinion of renes like that is not going to sit well with joe.

      Someone with 40 years in the field, obliterating joes year and a half on the internet.

      And hes not the only one who has searched for decades with nothing to show. It goes on and on and on and no bigfoot ever found.

      No biological entity is exempt from scientific discovery, especially when this entity is "seen" thousands of times a year.

      Bigfooting. Its ludicrous.

    6. Joe has only been at this for a year? I had no idea he was a novice bigfooter! And where are all the comments which usually accompany each topic that Shawn posts? WTF is going on in bigfootland recently?
      It sometimes seems that bigfoot hoaxers and hoaxing topics get the most discussion on any bigfoot blog!
      is that ironic or no?

    7. Is it ironic you're butt hole is a flapping gapeing LOOSER?

    8. Joe doesn't care a wink about Bigfoot. He's here for one of two reasons: either he's a sociopath who enjoys bullying people on websites like BE, or he is a paid poster. I suppose he could be both.

    9. Bulls. Joe has an interest that much is evident. And he was here yesterday and said he'd be back over the weekend.

    10. Sasquatch pathetic. Enough said!!

    11. WTF does that have to do with anything? Nuff said.

  3. I think he was Jevning and Green in Wa when they heard some but had to bug out because of a previous commitment. You are right that Jevning would know, they were good friends.

    Sounds like a neat conference. I have not heard of any of the speakers, however 2 doctors and 1 professor may make for interesting conversation and learning.

    At end of month we have one at Salt Fork Lake here in Ohio that includes Cliff Barackman and the one and only Bob Gimlin. Can't wait to attend this one.


    1. LOL.

      Bigfoot conferences, where people get paid money to say exactly what footers want to hear.

      What about some actual objective truth about the complete lack of any bigfoots anywhere ever?

    2. How DARE you being up the obvious!

  4. We will be aussie giving away a truck and boat, tickets are free, sign as many tickets as u want cause there will only be 200 tickets given out, first come first serve! Oh ya and one ticket will be a free ticket to the moon and captain moneymaker will be operating the spaceship.



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