Watch this: Awesome Maasai Mara zebra escapes a pack of lions ambush

Hey wait! Come back!

A big pride of lions think they're going to get an easy meal, but the zebra has a different idea.

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    1. you're so f_uckin g immature!!

    2. If anyone sees Chick please tell her I want a DNA test. That's all. If the kid is mine I'll be more than happy to send money.


    3. Steve - Maybe it's another Chick that you're referring to? What kind of shoes does she wear?

      Helpful anon

    4. Wow Steve I never thought I would hear from you again.

    5. Evening Chick,

      Thank Gawd you weren't fooling around with his buddy Bil.

  2. Hey Clive,

    Brain eating is such a turn off

  3. To see the vid:


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