The Sasquatch Cartoonist's Bigfoot Funnies, Week #1

Here is this week's Bigfoot Funnies by the hilarious Sasquatch Cartoonist. You can check out The Sasquatch Cartoonist's Facebook page here: The Sasquatch Cartoonist or purchase Bigfoot mugs and t-shirts at CafePress:


  1. I'm only a poor little fairy,
    stuck on the top of a tree,
    they switched on the lights
    and bang went my tights
    then my legs fell off one two three(one two three)
    A man made of chocolate called B.F.P
    he didn't like fairies he said
    i know it sounds daft
    but i had the last laugh
    when somebody bit off his head,
    OOhhh we are the gnomes and the goblins
    who come down from green land each year
    we sit on the shelves and beat up the elves
    and all have a happy new year

  2. The Sasquatch Cartoonist is the most credible voice in the Welsh community.

  3. Squirrel Hunter watches PJ eating Dingleberries...and liking it.

  4. I'm going to quit my job so I can stay home and watch joe get trashed.

  5. the comic strips. if you're still searching for bigfoot now you know where to find them. thats right.

  6. Where the hell do these muscular squatches with Vee shaped torsos come from? You've all seen PG and the Freeman footage right? These things are gross. Like a gorilla that's been rolling in shit. Quit romanticizing bigfoot for your homoerotic fantasies.
    How many times to I need to refresh before those CG chicks with the bouncing boobs come back?

    1. You'll get muscular squatches with Vee shaped torsos and like it.

    2. Reports of muscular squatches breaking into homes and performing annilingus on unsuspecting yet not unappreciative males is on the rise...

    3. 2014 - The Year of the Violated Taterhole.

    4. 2014 - The Year of the Violated Taterhole, Lead To Victory by Leon W. Patriot!

    5. Violated taterhole is the most compelling rectum in the Bigfoot assholery.

    6. It was a Bigfoot not unlike these gentle giants that inspired Rod McKuen to write this lovely poem:

      Be gentle with me, sweet Sasquatch..
      Treat me tenderly.
      I need the gentle touch,
      the soft voice,
      the candlelight after nine.

      There's been so many who didn't understand

      So give me all the love I see in your timid eyes
      but give it gently or my taterhole will pop out of my belly button
      like one of those party favors you blow on that unrolls with a funny little honking noise

    7. Early settlers diaries make mention of analingus performing sasquatches

  7. Do Ro and Justin think they look bad ass or something when they tilt their heads? I think it looks sort of gay when they do that. Long live Duck Dynasty!

  8. Annunaki Hybrid controlled by the GRAYs

  9. This is the real story of Sasquatch.

    You will be amazed.


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